You don't get GREAT copy just anywhere.

The purpose of copy isn't to simply fill the white space on your page. To give people something nice to read.

It MUST be able to do the following:


You can't hope to sell anything without first bringing attention to it.

Effective copy is clean, it's beautiful to read, and it harnesses the power of search engine optimization (SEO).


So, it might look good...
And it might increase traffic...

But we live in a digital world. Someone can leave your site and arrive at another's in a matter of clicks .

Strong copy holds your reader's attention from start to finish.


As good as your product or message may be, nothing markets itself.

Great copy convinces people why what you're offering is of significant value to them.

It influences, it converts, and it sells.

Hi! I’m Ben.

I’m a professional freelance copywriter and content marketer from Connecticut.

Dozens of businesses and personal brands have grown their audiences and increased sales as a direct result of my website copy, blog content, and other digital and print marketing materials. And I can do the same for you.

But right now, I know what you may be thinking:

“I’m not trying to sell anything … why do I need a copywriter?”

Well, both you and I know that’s not actually true. Whenever you write, you’re always trying to sell something. Here’s why:

It may not be a physical product or a service, and it may not even be in exchange for money. But whether it’s a blog post, a brochure, or a landing page, you are always trying to sell the idea that – at the very least – your content is worth reading.

Although the quality of your content may be the last thing you think about, it should be the first thing you try to sell. If your content is consistently poor, bland, or generic, you’re going to struggle to build a level of credibility and trust with your audience.

So, whatever your copywriting and content needs are, I can help you!

Let me help you.

If you’re in need of a freelance copywriter who can craft engaging copy that attracts, connects, and persuades, I’m your guy. Simply drop me a line to get started.

In the mean time, take a look at what clients have to say about my work:

Here's What My Clients Are Saying

mike samson zee sprout

Mike Samson

Zee Sprout

"Ben delivered exceptional work on this writing and editing project and I enjoyed working with him. His communication was top-notch, he exceeded all deadlines, and he went above and beyond with helpful suggestions. I enjoyed working with Ben and will be using him again soon for additional projects we have."

Lawrence Bondonese

Lawrence Bondonese

Vision Solar

"Ben is a veteran in copywriting and content creation. I have been through several freelancers but this dude is definitely a guy I would recommend to any company, large or small. He promised deadlines of three projects and actually finished ahead of schedule. Can't say enough good things about him other than HIRE HIM!!!"

Tony Calhoun

Tony Calhoun

Creative Net FX

"Ben is a great writer! Excellent writing skills, very enthusiastic, and fun to work with."

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